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Family Academy

LEAF meets for co-op classes on Fridays in Snohomish, Washington from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  We strive to build character and scholarship, inspiring one another in a rich learning environment. We foster personal, family, and community growth through the principles of Leadership Education.

Events & Gatherings

As a homeschool community, we love to get together for special events, field trips and other activities outside of our Friday co-op. Some member favorites include: the Family Ball, Field Day, Christmas Pajama Party, Summer Park Days, Mom Socials and the Family Spelling Bee. 

Friday Family Academy Co-op

Scholar Program​

The Scholar Program supports your student in completing the requirements for High School graduation in Math, Science, Literature, Writing, History, and Performing Arts.

Junior Program​

The Junior Program is centered around play, discovery and sparking curiosity. Children explore and grow while enthusiastically learning about different topics.

The first time I attended a LEAF event and saw how the families interacted with each other--the children playing inclusively, the teenagers happy to be at the same park as their parents and younger siblings, eager to help other adults--I knew this was what I wanted for my family. The influence on our family culture has been invaluable.
Carol, parent
I joined LEAF so that my kids would have the opportunity to learn new things and to make new friends. Not only have my kids made friends, but I've made friends and found so much support. I love the community atmosphere and how encouraging and supportive everyone is.
Theresa, parent
My high schooler has grown so much in his love of reading through the LEAF Scholar Projects that he reads over 2,000 pages a week and is constantly asking his mentor and classmates for more recommendations.
Shelby, parent
I love LEAF because nobody expects you to be perfect and everyone is kind.
Lincoln, 10
My 13 year old daughter has grown by leaps and bounds this year in her first year in the Scholar classes! She felt a little nervous and unsure of herself at first, but thanks to inspiring mentors, classes, and peers, she quickly found her confidence and learned that yes, she CAN do hard things. I'm so grateful for what the Scholar Program has done for her so far.
Melissa, parent
I like the toys. And the Bubble, Bubble, Pop! song.
Gideon, 3
I enjoy the encouraging atmosphere and lack of discouragement that comes about in the interactions of the scholars and adults and everyone. Instead of a “You can't,” it's a “How can you?” feel.
Willow, 13
My family has been part of LEAF since the start of the co-op. We have loved it! The friendships, the mentoring, the learning experiences, the community -- I could go on and on! We can't imagine our lives without the people and the classes.
Lisa, parent
I love the skills my teens are learning through accomplishing difficult projects. The outstanding mentors have truly changed my kids for the better.
Claire, parent
Last year we were new to the area and I really had a desire to find a community for the whole family. Where my littles could learn lots of exciting new topics but my teens needed academic structure and accountability to someone other than mom. Not only did I find a great fit for our family; my children are thriving, gained good friends and have learned so much.
Shelby, parent
When we go to LEAF, I love to play with fun toys and my friends in the gym.
Boom, 6

We would love for you to join us!

Are you interested in great classes, inspiring mentors, and a learning-rich environment? Do you want to be supported by like-minded families and friends?