Scholar Projects​

LEAF offers enriching projects and a supportive community to share in the Scholar journey! Read great books, write interesting papers, research and give presentations, plus have amazing discussions with friends! We stretch and grow, each at our own pace.


Scholar Projects

Scholar classes, or “projects” as we call them at LEAF, are designed for ages 12-18. Students develop skills and abilities which are independent from and ultimately of higher importance than the content of the class. Youth that complete the projects are equipped with abilities and skills that will help them accomplish their personal missions.

Scholar projects inspire your youth to:

Do hard things 

Learn time management

Discover more about who they are

Understand their duty as a citizen

Choose to study for extended periods

Write independently and with insight

Think deeper

Study things that may not interest them at first

Scholar Projects 2022-23

Junior Scholar Projects:

Inner Genius

Albert Einstein once said, "Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." In Inner Genius, we will explore each of the multiple intelligences outlined by Howard Gardner: Interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, visual spatial, musical, logical mathematical, kinesthetic, bodily, and linguistic intelligences.

Through discussion, activities, field trips, lectures and projects, students will broaden their understanding of intelligence, increase their exposure to new ideas, talents, and passions and begin to discover their own inner genius.

This class is open to Junior Scholars ages 12+

Influencers: Leadership ll

This project is part of a 2-year rotation that sets the tone for our Scholar culture and mission focus. Year 1 and 2 cover different principles and have different book lists. This year scholars will study big ideas like integrity, honesty, ethics, government, public virtue, work and proactivity, critical thinking skills, influence vs. manipulation, patience, forgiveness, courage, gratitude and optimism, kindness, perspective, mindset, VMASK, and ultimately how to become an influencer and change the world.

Students will gain a new vision of what it is to be a leader -- to think for themselves and have an impact on the world in their own unique way. They will learn this through class activities, lectures, readings, discussions, and writing.

This class is required for all new LEAF scholars. The class is open to Junior Scholars ages 12+.

Senior Scholar Projects:

High School Science: Chemistry

Scholars will be doing labs in class and at home each week and discussing chemistry's role in history and in the world today. We will also be learning general sciences skills such as doodling and note taking, the scientific method, and scientific language.

Requires 5-10 hours of self-study/week for students and teachers
Best for students ages 14-18 years old
Prerequisite: Algebra l

Influencers History lll: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

This project is part of a 3-year rotation. Year 3 covers post-WWll up through today. This class is open to senior scholars ages 14+.

Through the lens of historical and current events, Scholars will examine a variety of perspectives, wrestle with difficult topics, and embrace big ideas like freedom and gratitude. Our goal will be to inspire students to use their skill and talents to influence society and help change the world for the better. Scholars will expand their abilities in reading, writing, research, discussion, critical thinking, and presentation.

Past Scholar Projects:

Influencers 1850-1950: Courage, Connections, and Resilience

Scholars ages 12-18 will study big ideas like leadership, gratitude, freedom, and perspective, with the goal of helping the scholars apply those principles, become an influencer, and change the world! We will study individuals and events that shaped our country. Assignments will be customized based on what scholars are ready for and want out of the class. Scholars will expand their reading, writing, researching, and presenting skills through class assignments.

Stories From the Stage

This project invites students to immerse themselves in reading, watching, and listening to Shakespeare, Broadway, stage plays, opera, and ballet. It is geared towards beginning scholars. The class culminates with the students working together to produce and perform a Shakespeare play.

High School Science: Physics

Why does force = mass x acceleration? What is NaCl? How do plants turn sunlight into energy? Learn Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in a project-based study of science. LEAF offers a three year rotation of these classes to help complete high school science requirements.

In 2021-22 students will study physics and conduct weekly experiments. Prerequisite: Algebra I

College Prep

Is your Highschool Junior or Senior planning on college next year? Join college professors, application coaches, and other experts to set yourself up for success at the college of your choice! This project will be held in first semester only via zoom on a day and time still TBD.

Over time, your youth will:

Transition from studying 2-4 hours a day to 6-10 hours a day!

Become self-directed learners

Gain scholar skills such as:
reading difficult works, writing, debating, researching, using mentors

Discover their personal mission and gain a vision and the skills necessary for contributing to society

We would love to chat with you about your Scholar

Scholar projects are geared toward youth 12 and up. If you are new to Leadership Education, please fill out the “Getting to Know You Form” to schedule a meeting where we can discuss options for your family. All classes last the full year unless listed otherwise.

Your Scholar is bound for greatness!

Would they enjoy being challenged and growing close to like-minded friends in a learning-rich environment?