Scholar Projects​

LEAF offers enriching projects and a supportive community to share in the Scholar journey! Read great books, write interesting papers, research and give presentations, plus have amazing discussions with friends! We stretch and grow, each at our own pace.


Scholar Projects

Scholar classes, or “projects” as we call them at LEAF, are designed for ages 12+. We offer projects for Practice, Apprentice and Self-directed scholars, with each phase building on the previous phase. Students develop skills and abilities which are independent from and ultimately of higher importance than the content of the class. Youth that complete the projects are equipped with abilities and skills that will help them accomplish their personal missions.

Listed below are the projects LEAF has done in the past; those with asterisks will be done in the 2020-21 year.

Practice Scholar

Projects inspire your youth to:

Start doing the “hard things”
Learn time management
Discover more about who they are
Understand their duty as a citizen
Study for extended periods of time out of personal choice
Write independently and with insight
Think deeper, study things that may not interest them at first

Key of Liberty*

Study the American Revolutionary War period, the United States Constitution, and other founding documents. This class offers an inspiring environment where students read biographies of the founders and learn about government principles.

Inner Genius

Do you believe that everyone has genius inside of them just waiting to be discovered? We do! In this class Scholars study a wide range of topics, from things they are already passionate about to things they have never studied before. The mentor challenges them to dive deep and encourages a passion for learning.

Shakespeare Conquest Project

This project brings the works of Shakespeare to life! Scholars study one play in depth during the first semester. To help the play make sense, they learn about the Bard and Elizabethan times. The students are inspired to race each other to read, watch, or listen to 17 Shakespeare plays. If they complete this challenge they are crowned a King or a Queen at Scholar Night. The second semester they eagerly put their knowledge into practice culminating with their own Shakespeare performance.

Georgics Project

There is power in reconnecting to the earth and learning principles of community, self-reliance, and hard work. This project places a strong emphasis on reading and the power of spiritually creating something before physically creating it. As part of the project the students plan and present their own Georgic project.

Apprentice Scholar

Projects teach students to:
Transition from studying 2-4 hours a day to 6-10 hours a day!
Become a self-directed scholar
Gain scholar skills such as: reading difficult works, writing, debating, teaching, researching, using mentors
Be a homesteader rather than a squatter
Take action
Find personal mission
Gain a vision for contributing to society

Sword of Freedom & Hero Project

What do you know about the Civil War and World War II? Study the wars that provided and protected our freedoms. Study heroes of the past and learn how we can become like them. The project includes simulations, great books, presentations, and more!

High School Science*

Why does force = mass x acceleration? What is NaCl? How do plants turn sunlight into energy? Learn Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in a project-based study of science. LEAF offers a three year rotation of these classes to help complete high school science requirements.

Influencers Project*

Study of big ideas like leadership, classics, mission, perspective, growth mindset, and ultimately how to become an influencer and change the world. Student assignments will be customized to students based on what they are ready for and want out of the class. Students will grow in their reading, writing, researching, and presenting skills.

Pyramid Project

This project helps teach students how to think. Scholars connect math and science to the world around them. They learn how great scientists of all times learned to wonder, see patterns, and ask the right questions. Throughout the course students grow in their ability to think logically and measure things they encounter in the world against their Core book.

Quest 1 & 2

Quest 1 & 2 projects are an in-depth and personalized study of leadership. In the first semester the students come face to face with 6 great leaders and their landmark speeches. They read about, write about, and discuss the circumstances that led them to greatness. In the second semester they choose leaders to study -- those who exemplify traits of great leaders. The scholars write persuasive essays and give presentations on these leaders, and most importantly, work on developing these traits in themselves. They come to see themselves and each other as people who can and will influence the world for good.

Quest 3

Quest 3 scholars learn the four parts of governance: 1 - self-governance, 2 - principles of governing a nation, 3 - jurisprudence, and 4 - worldviews. These are taught through reading landmark Supreme Court cases, Supreme Court simulations, writing law briefs, discussion, and research. This is one of the most difficult projects LEAF offers, and scholars say it is extremely challenging, but very worth it!

TJEd High

TJEd High is a liberal arts mentoring project for youth, designed to motivate and empower serious Scholar Phase study - starting with where your youth is at, and helping them take successful steps forward to reach their ideal. It is a continuously rotating program which can be done for multiple years with increased tracks, from easiest to hardest. Your scholar will read great books and participate in class discussions. Inspirational recordings are available online each week with amazing mentors. There is also the option to discuss online in the TJEd High and LEAF forums.

Self Directed Scholar

Edison Project*

Students develop their own specific area of interest, create a detailed plan with the mentor and then pursue it. They learn the skill of how to turn the seemingly unattainable into reachable steps. They work with specific mentors that help them to fulfill their dreams. They become life-long learners. They create. They show courage. And they change the world.

We would love to chat with you about your Scholar

Scholar projects are geared toward youth 12 and up. If you are new to Leadership Education, please fill out the “Getting to Know You Form” to schedule a meeting where we can discuss options for your family. All classes last the full year unless listed otherwise.

*These projects are being offered during the 2020-21 year.

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