Friday Family Academy

Leadership Education Academy for Families offers partnership and community with other homeschooling families in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Whether making new friends, finding fulfillment in helping others, or helping your children experience interesting and engaging classes, LEAF members value being a part of this special community.


Junior Program

Family School is LEAF’s unique way to help give children an opportunity to learn and discover many different ideas through play and learning together. It is designed to help families progress through the Core and Love of Learning Phases and prepare them to engage in Scholar Projects.


Scholar Program

Our Scholar Program is designed to inspire our youth to study, provide opportunities for them to discuss their opinions, and learn how to think. They develop a sense of the world they live in and their place in it, and begin to acquire the skills and abilities needed to impact it.



We believe in personalized mentoring for all ages. Mentors get to know individual learners on a personal level, push them where appropriate, and help them through their struggles.


Learners work harder and learn much more when they are inspired versus when they are required to study specific subjects on an adult-prescribed schedule.

We would love to see you at Friday Family Academy!

Are you interested in great classes, inspiring mentors, and a learning-rich environment? Do you want to be supported by like-minded families and friends?