LEAF promotes the leadership education mentor model rather than the modern classroom teacher model. We believe in personalized mentoring for all ages and that parents are the primary mentors of their children. LEAF is a place to mentor and to be mentored.


LEAF mentors families through the Phases of Learning

We mentor Junior Program learners in Friday classes

We mentor Scholars in classes and weekly 1-on-1 mentor meetings

We mentor adults through two summer trainings, monthly mini-trainings, online discussions, and 1-on-1 mentoring. We mentor adults on:

  • How to live Leadership Education in your own home
  • How to homeschool the Leadership Education way
  • How to meet Washington state homeschool requirements
  • How to support your children in their progression through the Phases of Learning.
  • How to prepare a high school transcript for college applications
  • How to move yourself through the Phases of Learning
  • How to mentor Junior Program classes

Inspired Learning

Mentors get to know individual learners on a personal level, push them where appropriate, and help them through their struggles. As Rachel & Oliver DeMille put it, “the mentor finds out the student’s goals, interests, talents, weaknesses, strengths and purpose, and then helps [them] develop and carry out a plan designed to effectively develop [their] genius and prepare [them] for [their] unique mission.”

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Mentoring is what we do

We’d love to have you be part of the amazing mentoring that happens at LEAF!