Leadership Education​

The philosophy at the heart of Leadership Education Academy for Families.

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Leadership Education begins with the idea that every human being has the seeds of greatness within them. When properly nurtured, these seeds of greatness motivate an individual to prepare for and fulfill their personal mission in life. As we each pursue and fulfill our personal missions, we make the world a better place.

Leadership Education trains thinkers, leaders, artists, inventors, citizens, entrepreneurs, and statesmen. It educates individuals “how to think” and teaches them why it is important. As stated on TJEd.org, it is an “education where parents, teachers and mentors help each individual student discover and refine their unique, innate genius and get an education to prepare for life success.” Leadership Education is the philosophy at the heart of LEAF. 

More on the Phases of Learning

LEAF honors the developmental phases of learning as described in Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMille. They include:

  • Foundational Phases: Core (0+) and Love of Learning (8+)
  • Educational Phases: Scholar (12+) and Depth (18+)
  • Application Phases: Mission and Impact

Learners grow through these phases as natural stages of development. Brian and Keri Tibbetts describe this in their article The Headgates

“If a child chooses to spend their free time playing, then they are in Core Phase. If a child chooses to spend their free time reading, they are in Love of Learning Phase. If they choose to spend their free time studying under the direction of a mentor, they are in Scholar Phase. Neither the parents nor the children choose which phase they are in. They default into their phase depending on how they spend their free time.”

Learning phases build upon each other. A good Core Phase is important for a meaningful Love of Learning Phase. A quality Love of Learning Phase is fundamental to a successful Scholar Phase. We never graduate from the Foundational Phases; they are still part of us when we grow into the later phases.

Core Phase: Core is the Foundational Phase of life and learning. Learners are mentored at home by parents. As described by the DeMilles, the “curriculum” includes:

  • right and wrong
  • good and bad
  • true and false
  • relationships
  • family values, especially spiritual culture
  • family identity, including family history and mission
  • family routines and responsibilities
  • accountability
  • love
  • the value and love of work and play


Love of Learning (LOL) Phase: Children who experience a good Core Phase naturally fall in love with learning — almost everything is exciting and interesting to them! Love of Learners pursue their own interests, supported by parent mentors. The “curriculum” is student driven and includes:

  • pursuing personal interests
  • lots and lots of play
  • discovering what sparks their curiosity
  • asking questions
  • making plans, setting goals, and carrying them out
  • developing skills


Scholar Phase: Learners begin a rigorous study of classics driven by their hunger to learn. They engage in formal classroom projects with their peers, and pursue their own interests. They do hard things with a tremendous amount of support from parents and formal mentors. 

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